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A Study in Religion: Bimmers in The Park ‘21

Hosted by FCP Euro - Lime Rock Park, CT, USA

(written by: Alex Brackett, Sept. 26, 2021)

Neatly nestled beneath rolling green foothills, Lime Rock Park was seemingly designed with both moving and stationary vehicles in mind. It provided the perfect backdrop for FCP’s glorious post-outbreak return to Cars & Coffee.

This style of event has always been my favorite. You set your alarm. You wake up way earlier than anybody needs to on a Sunday morning. You skip your morning routine and hit the road.

And if you got a late start, and were worried about getting a decent parking spot…. Don’t worry. It’s nothing but perfection, 360° around

Before you can even get out to wipe down your car, the fat-chewing commences. An open hood is an invitation.

It’s the perfect Sunday.

Agreed upon by all parties.

I don’t know much about this car or the owner (@e9homage on Instagram), but what an absolute beauty to behold.

Arguably the most intriguing vehicle in attendance was Kyle Duquette‘s EV-swapped 318is.


You read that correctly.

Kyle built a Tesla Powered E30.

This thing is absolutely immaculate. Every detail has been paid the utmost attention. Nearly every aspect of this install required one-off, hand crafted parts which Kyle designed and made himself. Shameless plug here, follow @skudakrennsport for more EV30 content. Kyle built this car and others like it in the rural woods of northern NH, and has been a trusted friend of mine for many years.

Also finally had the opportunity to see the newest rendition of Danny Sadoski’s S54 swapped coupe. (@e30_living on Instagram)

Seeing E30 Tourings stateside is becoming more and more common as importing them gets easier, but I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of them

As for my car, the 318is performed flawlessly.

324 miles across 3 different states.

I say that as if it’s a surprise to anyone, 300 miles is nothing. But I guess when you’re used to owning junk as long as I have, it becomes second nature to expect things to go horribly wrong.

That is a lesson I will happily continue to learn.

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