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Nick & Mic : An E36 Love Story

Written by: Alex Brackett & Nick Ritch 01/24/2021

I met Nick & Michaela by way of Morgan Wilson at an event last year. We had plans to bunk together, but he had the opportunity to head down a day early. He decided he would just wing it and sleep in his car for the night if he had to. I was only a day behind.

During his trek, he bumped into a couple of very clean E36 M3s at a gas station- one of which just so happened to have a 1JZ heart transplant.

(photo by @rw.shots)

Morgan called me while I was loading the E30 onto the tow rig and said, “hey man, I just met these really cool people at a gas station who are also headed down for the show, and they offered to let me crash at their place for the night until you get here. We gotta all cruise to the meet tomorrow. You’re gonna love them, we are like best friends already.”

(Left to right: my E30, Morgan’s Mk2 Jetta Coupe, Michaela’s E36 M3 photo by @chopscreative)

When I finally got into town and unloaded the E30, Morgan met me at our Airbnb and then I followed him back to their place for introductions. Within seconds of pulling into the driveway, two things happened:

  1. Nick and I realized our cars are nearly identical in color

  2. I instantly felt like I was in the company of friends I have known for years

(this is the only photo I took of our two cars together)

What I noticed just in hanging out at meets and shows that week, was how perfect Michaela & Nick are together. You ever just see those couples out enjoying their lives together and think, “wow, they have something really special.”

A little over a year and a half ago, Nick and Michaela were looking at getting new cars, with a particular interest in the 90s.

“My heart has always been with Nissan and JDM cars - I was seriously considering importing a Skyline. Early Covid development made importing and the DMV a nightmare, so I switched my focus to something stateside. The prices of already-imported 240s and Skylines just weren’t justifiable.”

Nick started researching one of those guilty pleasure dream cars we all fantasize about at some point - The BMW E36 M3.

“Ironically, that night when Mic came over, she told me she had also started looking into E36s. After a few months of searching, I came across a ‘97 M3 in PA that had been listed for all of 26 minutes. I Immediately messaged the owner saying I was willing to travel 6 hours that same day.”

After making multiple trips down to PA from CT to test drive the car, he decided this was the one.

“24 hours total driving time for a car. It’s funny what some of us will do for a vehicle… a lifestyle.”

Just weeks later, Michaela’s ‘98 was found and purchased. It was an impeccable example, and the addition of BC Coilovers and 3-piece converted OE Style 5s only made it that much better. Simplicity & tasteful execution will always win.

“Seeing both of them next to each other everywhere is surreal to say the least. Gas stations, parking lots, highways, meets, late night cruises - these two never leave each other’s side. Watching these two cars slowly transform together is enjoyable to watch.”

Fast forward to March of 2020, Nick and Michaela now live together, and every morning they can walk out to see both cars parked in their apartment parking lot.

“In a sea of regular traffic, I am proud to be doing this with someone who enjoys it as much as me.”

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